It was a pleasure to burn

I’m raging with ire, an ocean of fire,
My Wrath is the path to all I desire.
I’m inflated with pride, near bursting inside,
A self-centered repenter, Vanity’s bride.
I’m mired in mud, inert as a slug,
Sloth is the cloth that’s woven my rug.
I eat day and night, consuming all in my sight,
A Glutton with nothing, but a huge appetite.
My will I ignore, My Envy’s a chore,
Over-zealous and jealous, I want so much more.
I’m ravenous to feast, an insatiable beast,
I concede to the Greed demanding release.
I hunger for trust; my craving’s a must,
My sin is the Zin enslaving my Lust.

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do u ever see a girl and ur like oh my god I love life

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This right here is a cute gal. 

magnetistic asked: That "me n u" post better have been about us...


I might move to Portland if I like it that much in September. Need roommates tho. 


As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

Ooh ahh

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Her mouth does such nice things.

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me n u


Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

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The sea is wine red
This is the death of beauty
The doves have died
The lovers have lied

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do u ever look back on ur childhood and get blown away by how gay u were before u even knew what gay was

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"With such a hell in your heart and your head, how can you live? How can you love?"

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